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Irrigation services

Irrigation Services Irrigation is an important element for the success of any landscape. It provides the appropriate amount of water to plants, shrubs and lawns. It also allows you to have automatic timers setup which means that your irrigation system will come on certain times of the day. There are better times of the day to water your landscapes and this can all be set up for you by a professional irrigation company like Moss Landscaping, Inc.

There are many methods of installing irrigation systems and also a wide range of systems on the market. So why not leave all of the guess work out of it and hire a company like Moss Landscaping, Inc to take all the hassle out of it for you? We have been providing our clients throughout New Jersey with irrigation services for over two decades. We have experience in both residential and commercial irrigation.

Our irrigation services basically cover anything that our clients may require in the field of irrigation. Whether you need us to come out and install a complete new system, or perhaps carry out repairs and maintenance on an existing system; Moss Landscaping, Inc is your one stop irrigation shop. We provide a full range of irrigation services. Let us take your landscape to the next level and provide you with a permanent solution to having vibrant healthy lawns and landscapes.

Types of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Services There are two major types of irrigation systems available which includes surface irrigation systems such as flow irrigation, border irrigation, basin irrigation and furrow irrigation. The other major type is pressure irrigation which involves the use of pipes and sprinklers. One of our irrigation specialists will come out and assess the needs of your landscapes, plants and lawns and recommend the best type of irrigation system for you.

There are many innovations in the field of irrigation nowadays which provides more convenience and even better water conservation for our consumers. However, effective irrigation systems involve crucial planning, projecting, and implementing of the operational systems adequate for the irrigation method in use. The addition of an irrigation system will save you on your water bills and also reduce your water consumption. Using an irrigation system will save you money as well as conserving water.

Irrigation Services There are many things that our irrigation contractors will consider and assess when looking at your property and they include some of the following:

  • The size of the outdoor living area or landscape
  • The position of water source
  • Quality flow and economy of irrigation water
  • Soil type and structure
  • Salinity
  • Drainage
  • Stone content
  • Slope level and erosion risk
  • Climatic conditions such as wind, heat and ice/snow are also considered

Benefits of Irrigation

There are many benefits to the installation of an irrigation system for you property and they include the following:

Irrigation Services
  • Aesthetics: your lawns, plants, trees, shrubs and flowers will be healthy and bright no matter what the season for they will be receiving the right amount of water. Over watering can cause a lot of damage, so it is important that your landscapes get the correct amount of water needed.

  • Saves on water bills: because an irrigation system is set up to give your plants the right amount of water, you will actually be saving water.

  • Saves on water consumption: an irrigation system is a way of doing your part for the environment. Water is such a precious resource and conserving it is an important environmental issue.

  • Saves Time: the addition of an irrigation system will save you time by not having to water your landscapes and lawns. Now you can spend your spare time doing the things that you really enjoy doing!